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Source Info

Current Source:


Stratum Level:
Stratum 0

Server Info

Server Location:
Leuven, Belgium

Stratum Level:
Stratum 1

Polling Interval:

Last Good Sample:
4s ago

Clock Update Interval:

Local Clock Accuracy:
0.05ms ahead

Latency To Source:
4733ns, one way

Root Delay:

NTP Pool Member:
Yes (pool page)

Lost time is never found again. -- Benjamin Franklin

Add the below URL(s) to your clock settings.
Dual Stack: ntp1.teambelgium.net Stratum: 1
IPv4 Only: ntp1.ipv4.teambelgium.net Stratum: 1
IPv6 Only: ntp1.ipv6.teambelgium.net Stratum: 1
NTS: nts.teambelgium.net Stratum: 1
Status: Running ⚫ Uptime: 01h 02m ⚫ Serving 15810 Clients.

⚫ What is an NTP Time Server?

An NTP Time Server is a server that provides accurate time to various devices connected to it over a network. NTP, which is short for Network Time Protocol, is a protocol specifically designed for this purpose and is one of the oldest Internet protocols in existence. Millions of devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, routers, TVs, etc from all over the world use NTP to sync their clocks to an accurate, high-precision time server like this one. Read more about NTP on Wikipedia.

⚫ Who is the Target Audience for this NTP?

This NTP server is open to everyone, though it mostly targets European clients. As NTP is latency sensitive, it's best to use a server close to your geographical location to reduce potentially long RTT trips or other network delays. Most client requests this server receives come from Belgium with a minority from The Netherlands, Germany, France and even the USA. Please do not use this server for other purposes than personal, non-commercial and non-professional use without contacting me!

⚫ How accurate is this NTP server?

Currently, the server provides anywhere between 5ms and 20ms (ms = millisecond = a thousandth of a second) accuracy to clients by using an attached GPS receiver with PPS support which syncs the local clock to a few microseconds (a millionth of a second) accuracy of the reference GPS clock. As backup, there are five Stratum 1 servers connected to this server over the Internet.

⚫ How to use this server?

it's easy! Go to your clock settings and in there you'll find a setting for synchronization with a public NTP server (Internet Time). Simply copy and paste the above URL and click on Save. Note that if you are using Windows prior to Windows 10 r1607, the Windows Time Service is only accurate to the second!

If you're using a UNIX-like system (Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc) you can simply modify the /etc/ntp.conf or /etc/chrony.conf file and add the above URL as a server to it, example:
"server ntp1.teambelgium.net iburst" (without the quotes) and then restart the NTP daemon. You can then check the status by running in a console: "ntpq -p" or "chronyc sources" (no quotes).

⚫ What other NTP servers can I use?

You can use other time servers from the NTP Pool Project or manually pick out servers from here.

That's all, folks! See you in time! 🕒

Time is always of essence. -- Me